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Sumner M. Davenport & Associates is a consortium of professionals and specialists who work together as a team to meet the objectives of our clients.  As a team we deliver solutions to solopreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses.  Our business is built on trust.

We listen first, and then offer solutions that meet our clients goals. One size does not fit all. Some of the methods being used by your friends, may not be the best solutions for your needs. Your solutions should be as unique as you and your firm.  Instead of something common out-of-the-box, we conduct our research and then determine what would be your best options.

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Our services vary, depending  on your goals and needs. Your reputation is our primary concern.

Many of the services we offer to our clients are listed in the graphics on this page and links at the right. We believe that it’s better to do a few things very well, than many things poorly.

In the event your solution is out of our direct expertise, we also work with other businesses and offer referrals to companies we trust whenever possible.


We work together as a team on all client projects. This way we can maximize our expertise, our time and your results. We calculate the work we do for our clients as a Project and can then provide you with a detailed description of how we see your project. For clients that require that we work on an hourly fee basis, we can do that as well. In either case we provide you a detailed list of what your project includes and we discuss any changes or new requests that are outside of the project detail. This way there is no sticker-shock of something unexpected. Many times we receive special offers and discounts from our suppliers ( ie: free advertising search engines or Social Media, discounted offers on hosting, software, etc) and we pass these specials onto our clients whenever possible.

Who are our clients?
We are proud to say that the majorityreputation management, website design, social media strategy, internet marketing, SEO of our client base is by referral. We  work with clients with whom we have a rapport and know that we can provide the services that they require. Each industry has it’s own unique needs and requirements so we are proud to specialize in a few industries: law firms and lawyers, charity organizations, small business and eCommerce. This way we understand your industry, it’s limitations and in some cases, it legal rules and practices.  If we cannot take you as a client it is not personal, and if possible, we will offer you a referral.

Because of the confidential or proprietary nature of much of the work we do for our clients, we choose not to list their names or show samples of their work online.

You can, however, find our name at the bottom of all websites that we create and manage. You will also find us as contributors on many internet forums and blogs where we answer questions and assist other internet marketers on various subjects, ie: reputation management, internet strategy, SEO, legal requirements for websites, e-commerce, SSL, WordPress, website security, lawyers and law firms presence on the internet and more.


The internet is going through constant changes. How can you keep up with what’s best for you from both a marketing and legal standpoint?…>>Read More>  Strategy, Reputation Management, Search Engine Strategy (SES), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Legal Compliance per Federal and State Laws, Legal Compliance per your industry, Responsive Websites, Mobile Websites, Content Management, Citation Remediation, Social Media Strategy, Local Search, Niche Marketing, Security, Analytics.

Rather than attempt to duplicate what someone else appears to be doing, we know that strategy and planning are essential. We work together with you to develop a custom approach that fits your business image, budget and goals.


On April 21st, Google rolled out a pretty major update to its ranking algorithm.  Essentially, if your site isn’t now “mobile friendly” (ie doesn’t look good on cell phones or other smaller screens), your rankings could drop. Mobile friendly is defined as a site that doesn’t require you to use your fingers to increase the type and then have to scroll right and left to read it.

Approximately 60% of website traffic is from mobile devices.
Is your site up-to-snuff?”



Your reputation can be boosted or tarnished by disgruntled employees, clients or simply people who had a grudge against anyone in your profession. Competition has increased in every industry. Now when someone does their due diligence, do you know what they are going to find?

Your website is only one place where you can control your reputation. Is your full internet presence strong enough to withstand negative reviews?  >>Read More>>

trust3Our client relationships are built on trust. It is your business, your asset and we are your partner in marketing you, your firm, products and services. The core tenets of our approach to earning and maintaining your trust are outlined on our Trust Center page. Your questions are welcomed.

Working with a team who understands your industry, the challenges of business as well as the potentials of today’s marketing venues is the first solution to assist you in growing your business.


target-motionKnowing your niche market, and knowing how to reach them can make the difference in the efforts required to gain the level of success and profitability you want.

Whereas many companies focus on any industry and design from overused templates, we focus on business types where we have specific knowledge and expertise. Internet presence is not limited to only a website, or only social media activity. Integrating all possible options into a strategic plan delivers the most profitable results. Every internet strategy is different, unique and created after a through needs analysis of the client.

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It’s not about us – it’s about YOU.
Work with a team who knows your industry.
Whereas many companies focus on any industry and design from overused templates, we focus on business types where we have specific knowledge and expertise.
We have these specific areas of focus:

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Charity Organizations

Small Business

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