e-Mail Marketing

Researchers estimate that United States firms alone have spent in excess of $400 million on online newsletters and e-mail marketing.

With all the focus on Social Media some people will try to tell you that email marketing is dead. NOT TRUE. Because it is essential for your marketing strategy to include unique content, email marketing helps you to stand apart from the crowd.

Staying connected with your clients and prospects is essential. If you aren’t – someone else is.

Implementing an effective email marketing program is a simple yet complex set of tasks, beginning with building a permission-based list of recipients.

It’s not only about what you say, your results also also defined by HOW you say it. Your content is best received with it is relevant to your recipient and delivered in the right format.

It’s not how many emails you send – it’s how many people actually open your message AND how many click your links, respond to your offers AND click to buy your products, sign up for your events, etc.

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How email marketing can help you and your business:

Niche relevant content and properly scheduled emails can:

  • Strengthen your brand awareness
  • Develop your customer relationships
  • Stimulate referrals
  • Promote products/services
  • Announce events
  • Announce changes in your firm, associates, employees, etc.
  • Take surveys and gain feedback on important products and topics
  • List-Building
  • Contact Management

How we can help you with your email marketing:

  • Custom templates for your professional emails
  • Tracking, analytics and reporting
  • Timing around your events, promotions and special content
  • Link back to your website
  • Share on social media
  • No long term contracts
  • Apps & Integrations
  • Real live support

Backed by measurable results, studies show email marketing is the marketing tool of choice for businesses looking to attract, retain, and grow loyal customer bases.

Contact us to discuss solutions for your business, by email or call 800-569-8279
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