The internet is going through constant changes. How can you keep up with what’s best for you from both a marketing and legal standpoint?
So many choices…

Blogs …Websites … Videos … e-Mail Marketing … Image Marketing … List Building … Podcasts … Webinars … Articles … Directories mobile… Press Releases … Social Media and more …

Having an effective and profitable internet presence is more than a simple website. The biggest marketing error people make is thinking that their website design will last forever. Having a website that is old and outdated not only brands your company as old and outdated, if it has not been kept up to date to comply with the every changing search engine algorithms and if it is not mobile friendly , you could end any previous traffic you once received. (click to read more on what makes a site mobile friendly)

Your internet strategy which FBI_WP2includes your website, must also address your security. Keeping your site and information secure is a critical matter. Two important blog posts: No one is immune to website hacks and What could go wrong if your site has been updated automatically to the latest version of WordPress.

Stopping your marketing efforts with only your website, is similar to creating and printing a beautiful brochure for your business, placing it on your coffee table, and hoping people will stop by and pick it up. Creating the most compelling website for your business take a substantial of time initially and then regular updates are essential.

google-penguinOur team stay appraised of changes to search algorithms so your website doesn’t get dropped from the index. Important article on SearchEngineLand regarding Google’s recent update: “Google confirms that a new version of its Penguin filter aimed at fighting spam”

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We only use White Hat techniques. Therefore we:Seo-blocks
» Never promise you first page placement on Google (check out what Google has to say about companies that make this promise)
» Never provide you any links from spam directories
» Never add you to any link farm sites.
» Never promise you unreasonable instant results.

Instead, some of what we can do for you, include:

  • » Strategy and Planning
  • » Local Listing Management
  • » SEO
  • » Website Designing and Maintenance
  • » Branding
  • » Content strategies, SEO systems and methods
  • » Blog strategy – content and marketingyoast-certified
  • » Top Authority Niche Directory Submission
  • » Press Release Distribution
  • » Appropriate Niche Market Commenting
  • » Niche Blog Review
  • » PPC Management
  • » On Page Optimization
  • » Niche Link Building
  • » Social Media Strategy & Marketing
  • » Reputation Management
  • » Analytics & Reporting
  • » Always follow search engine guidelines and conditions to keep your internet presence in good standing.
  • » Always follow online privacy laws to keep your internet presence in good standing.

With each change in the search engines algorithms, even more emphasis is placed on UNIQUE & FRESH CONTENT  and quality connections between businesses, their blogs and their social network activities. The internet has changed how we market. It’s no longer a “sell harder” arena. The most effective companies following a planned internet marketing plan are seen to post less about their products or services and more about things that help their customers solve problems.

With the updates and changes in online privacy laws, it has become essential to make sure your website is compliant. If you have an outdated privacy policy or terms of use, or none at all, you could be exposing yourself and your firm to financial and legal liability. To read a summary of the website privacy laws for California, click here.

A few of the areas that help to support your web presence beyond your website should include some of the following. REMEMBER, marketing is NOT one-size-fits-all. Start your marketing with a strategic plan.


At one time online social networking was seen as as fad and a kids toy. Unfortunately, some people post information that violates their industry regulations and laws.

Effective social networking helps to build on your brand, establish and grow relationships with your niche market and create platforms where your information can always be located.

According to University of MA Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research: 56% of the Fortune 500 companies are now on Facebook. 60% of the new Forbes 500 have corporate Twitter accounts with a tweet in the past thirty days. This number is up dramatically from previous years.

BLOGS – Blogs are an opportunity for you to publish your expertise, your opinions, answer questions and provide problem solving information. According to University of MA Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research: One hundred and sixteen (23%) of the primary corporations listed on the Forbes 500 have a public-facing corporate blog.

ARTICLES – Marketing by using your articles is one of the more simple methods of getting more business. Placing your information-packed articles on the internet is a powerful tool for bring attention to you, your website and your expertise. Placing your articles on the appropriate sites to bring you the attention from your target market will give you the greatest return. Placing your articles on the wrong sites (article farms) can result in loss of traffic to your entire website.

PRESS RELEASES – Search engines pay attention to press releases. Effectively written and distributed press releases regularly appear in the top search results.

PODCASTS – Once limited only to the iPod, text-to-speech capabilities of the podcasts can be added to your websites and blogs which now allow your visitors to listen to your content. This can be a valuable tool for visitors with disabilities such as the visually impaired and persons with Dyslexia.

PERMISSION AUDIO – As mentioned above adding sound to your website and blog can be an inviting and powerful tool to capture visitors, however, audio can also be an insult to your visitors. With so many people multi-tasking and opening several browser windows at the same time, your audio can be seen as an intrusion. Permission audio gives your visitor the control over sound or no sound.

VIDEOS – Videos has fast become a powerful marketing tool – when created and distributed appropriately. Videos can be added to your websites, blogs and email newsletters as well as posted on independent video sites where you can benefit from their combined marketing efforts. Simple rules separate an effective video from a waste of time and money.

Other internet marketing avenues include: Branding, Keyword Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Programs, Affiliate Marketing, Content Maximizing, e-Commerce, Joint Venture Marketing, List Building, e-Zine Marketing, Webinars and more….. New and viable opportunities to support your business online become available every day.

analyticsANALYTICS & REPORTING – All internet marketing programs are monitored and clients receive ongoing reports.

The more you and your expertise is seen in your niche market, the greater the chances for return on your time and financial investment. No time or expertise to do it yourself? Contact Us.
With the consistent change in the internet, more marketing opportunities are becoming available every day. Some of these may be viable for your business. Keeping current is essential. To gain the best benefit from your internet marketing you must know which ones are best suited for your business, your clients and prospects and your desired return.
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