reputation-managementYour reputation can make the difference in how easily you gain new clients, or lose them before you have a chance to meet them.

Your reputation can be boosted or tarnished by disgruntled employees, clients or simply people who had a grudge against anyone in your profession. Your reputation can be tarnished intentionally by a competitor – and it happens in every industry. Competitors can sabotage your good press, your website SEO and your image behind your back. Websites and emails are hacked daily. Fake social media sites (most recently one against Hillary Clinton)  are created with the intention to harm and destroy competition and phony negative reviews are prevalent on the internet.

Proactively creating and managing your online reputation is the best plan of action. Too many people spend countless hours chasing to fix something said against them, and many times make the situation worse.  It is more effective to be proactive rather than reactive in managing your online reputation. It is essential to not only build your reputation, it is equally essential to stay on top of what is posted about you and where; and then taking the necessary steps to manage that content whenever possible.

What does your internet presence say about you

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Your reputation is more than what you publish on your website, or your social media posts. There are many other areas online and offline that can make a difference in how you are perceived.

Sometimes negative reviews and comments can help your business. Too many glowing reviews can be seen as manipulative and false leading. In certain industries, “any comment is good press“; however, in many other industries, too many negative comments or reviews can interfere with your ability to succeed. How your online presence is handled can make a difference in the impact comments or reviews (negative and positive)  have on your business and your reputation.

checklistSome firms have limited profiles on third-party sites on the internet, so when one bad review is published it becomes the dominant message about the person or business.

Many people and their firms have incorrect citations on the internet which will interfere with your prospects ability to find you. Citation remediation is essential. Knowing which sites are helpful and which do nothing to support your reputation is very important. Managing your online reputation can be a time consuming task. While you focus on what you do best, running your business and servicing your clients, we work with strategically to build your reputation. We also comb the internet for any problems and take the best approach possible to resolve those problems.

Working with a team who understands the importance of your online reputation is the first solution to assist you in protecting your name, your brand and your reputation.

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