Cause Marketing

Cause marketing brings together Sumner M. Davenport & Associates through Self Investment Publishing to partner with non-profit organizations for the purpose of assisting the charity to motivate an increase in long term awareness and fundraising.

Through custom books from the inventory of Self Investment Publishing, non profit organizations gain extended market reach and exposure. This is an exclusive program which works with qualified charities to supply a high quality and long lasting product that carries the charity’s message and increases donations through the proceeds of the book sales.  Providing a educational or health focused long lasting product is one effective way to motivate your donors and new consumers to pick you over another group that may be vying for their donation. With the variety of titles available, you can add to their library and your ongoing exposure every year.

This is a unique program that is not offered everywhere, therefore setting you apart.

Each special edition is supported with extended digital exposure, press and media releases and ongoing follow-up.

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