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check mark in empty square shapeWeb accessibility means that websites are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them. More specifically, people can: perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with your website, use your contract forms, purchase your products and services and get answers to their questions with the same ease of use as a person without a disability.

Since 2000, thousands of cases have been brought against businesses of all sizes for lack of Accessibility. In 2016 there were 262 legal cases filed – fast forward to 2019 when the number rose to 2235.

A Website Accessibility audit is an evaluation of how well your website meets accessibility guidelines. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are the internationally recognized benchmarks for web accessibility. These same guidelines have been referenced in several Court rulings related to Accessibility lawsuits.

What we will do for you:

We will utilize a selection of using the industry’s leading WCAG testing software, automated and manual tools to evaluate your website. These tests will be run on a sampling of pages and links within your website.

What you will get:

A web accessibility audit report that details:

A list of issues that need to be addressed;
Details on your website’s conformance with each of the accessibility checkpoints;
Links to the WCAG standard and success criteria;
Recommendations on how to remediate.

What you should do with your report:

Fix the errors yourself, or;
Give the report to your webdesigner as part of the plan to remediate your website, or;
Talk to us about a full remediation of your website.


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We will not share, give away or sell your email address. We will not spam you after your audit.

After receiving your report, if you don’t want to receive our educational information and offers we will accept your request to opt-out.

internet troll crossed out with text don't feed the trollsDISCLAIMER: We reserve the option to not conduct an Accessibility report on a site that is submitted by someone other than the site owner or a verified representative for the website owner. We reserve the right to verify ownership of a website prior to running a report. In this way we strive to not participate in troll activity.

What we will NOT do:

not ADA compliantMany of the legal cases are being filed under a few anti-discrimination laws, one of which is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA is a law, Section 508 is a law, the Civil Rights Unruh Act is a law, and there are other International, Federal and State laws pertaining to websites. Since we are not attorneys – we are not in a position to advise you on any area of the law. Therefore, we will not offer to make your website compliant with any disability rights, anti-discrimination or civil rights laws.

We are specialists in Web Accessibility. We design and remediate to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) which are also referenced in several Court cases as the potential solution to follow to meet Accessibility compliance. An Accessible website means that it is designed, developed and is functioning so that people with disabilities can use it as well as a person without a disability. What is essential for some is a benefit to all.


owl representing educationWe have been educating on Web Accessibility for the past 5 years. Our specialty in Web Accessibility includes gaining education from the leaders in Web Accessibility field, testing and remediating websites, speaking with attorneys who are involved in legal cases pertaining to Accessibility, speaking to businesses about the VALUE of an Accessible website, presenting at small business events and at web designer education events. We consult with other designers to make their clients websites better. We educate and train do-it-yourselfers with hands-on workshops on Accessibility.

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Monday January 13th, 2020
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