podcasts-logoPodcasts are extremely popular as people can listen to them from a variety of devices, many times while they are engaged in other activities.

The Merriam Webster Tenth International Collegiate defines “podcast” as: a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet.

As a marketing tool podcasts can be very effective in delivering your message, promoting your product and branding your expertise.

As with any other product, having a strategic marketing plan, can make the difference between being heard and simply having recordings with no audience.

Building a strong following for your podcasts takes planning, work and time. (and in some cases financial investment.)

Before you begin your podcast journey, start by asking yourself these questions. Your answers are important.

1.) What do you have to say that others need to hear?
2.) Is your content unique?
3.) Why are you the person to deliver this message? Also stated: why should they listen to you?
4.) What is the reason you are doing podcasts? (le: educate on a product; explain your theory on a topic; create a following; brand yourself/company/product; make money…etc.)
5.) What action or response do you want to create with your listeners?
6.) What is your marketing plan? How will people find out about your podcasts? (Note: just having a website or Facebook page doesn’t guarantee followers or customers.)
7.) What is your current reach? (Reach is defined as: How many monthly visitors to your website, how many social media followers, mailing list subscribers, etc.)
8.) Will you be the only speaker, or will you have guests?
9.) If your objective is to make money from your podcasts, what is your revenue strategy?
10.) Where will your podcast be hosted? (ie: dedicated website, itunes, hangouts,  internet radio, etc.)
11.) What type of equipment will you be using to record?
12.) Will your podcast include a voiceover introduction and/or theme music?
13.) Will you edit your recording or post the raw, one-take, recording?
14.) Will you be working alone, or do you have a producer that will assist with the technical portions?cricket

Answers to these questions can open up more specific questions that can make the difference between a successful podcast and an inventory of recordings.

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