Top 8 Search Engines for Mobile Devices

mobile-searchSome of these you will recognize from using them on your computer, however, these top search engines are effectively optimized for use on mobile devices.

Google is still among the great giants of searching, for mobile devices too.It’s easy to use and their auto-complete feature suggests terms as you type, reducing search time.

Yahoo! Search
Yahoo offers a unique approach to the way they show mobile results, offering a map with a link to directions and a CTC button when looking for local results.

Bing Mobile
Bing’s mobile application has rapid access to images, videos, maps, etc. It shows the results that your Facebook friends liked and has Bing Vision, a feature that lets you recognize bar and QR codes, book covers, pictures, etc.

Ask Mobile
Ask is based on questions the users ask and it then shows web results other users responses as an answer.

Duck Duck Go (iPhone / Android)
Duck Duck Go is not different from any standard search engine in terms of results,however, it is becoming popular it does not track you, providing total privacy, at least for the time being.

Topsy refers to themselves as a social time machine, which means it is a search engine based on social media sites and enables users to show their results on a timeline.

ChaCha is a search engine that answers questions based on a “human search engine” with location-based features. It accepts text or voice queries and provides a text response back supported by ads.

Dogpile is a metasearch engine, it instantly searches through seven popular search engines and decides which results are the more relevant to your query. The results also shows from which search engine the results were obtained.


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