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Cats can make owners happier, healthier and gentler

According to USA Today, cats can make owners happier, healthier and gentler.

Now for those of us who are cat lovers, this is no news. However, for many people who have never had a relationship with a cat, this could help to make one step closer to making that connection.

33% of the households in the USA have cats. There are 16 million more cats living with people, than dogs.  Dogs seem to be more visible, so these statistics may be a surprise to some people.

Research shows that being able to care for a pet improves our morale, helps validate us and encourages us to take care of ourselves, says Rebecca Johnson, director of the University of Missouri's Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction. The body of research is leading more retirement communities and universities to roll out the welcome mat for pets.

Is one pet better for you than another? A cat can't make you healthier by begging with leash in mouth to go out for a jog, but a purr can lower blood pressure and quiet a stressed-out brain, research shows.

Click here to read more of this USA Today article.

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