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According to USA Today, cats can make owners happier, healthier and gentler.

Reduce Stress, Extend Your Life, Thanks to DNA's 'Life-Expectancy' Gene.

Stress interrupts a good night's sleep. (Jerylyn Draker shares her personal story with sleep and the tips she used to get more healthy and restful sleep in Stress Out book.)

Relaxing is necessary for recovery

Practice Stress Relief to Help Keep Your Blood Pressure Low

Take time to de-stress and really enjoy the holiday season.

Being Alone and Stressed May Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Study: Holiday stress causes increase in heart attacks  DON'T LET THIS BE YOU!

Steps to a Stress Free Tax Appointment

Parents' stress can take a toll on their kids.
A recent study reported in The Los Angeles Times indicates that children may be more aware of--and more reactive to--mom and dad's stress levels than previously suspected.

Stress and Animals

Bucks for Balls

First Registry for Animal Abusers

Cats can make owners happier, healthier and gentler

Catnaps for the cause: Kate Walsh supports breast cancer campaign

Walking with shelter dogs better than friends for seniors

Two out of three veterinarians recommend keeping cats indoors

Purchasing Pet Drugs Online: Buyer Beware


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