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Uh Oh. Web Accessibility lawsuits are on the rise, did you get caught with Accessibility issues on your website? OR are you being proactive and wanting to make your website more inclusive and accessible?

We can help.

A well designed website will not only make it Accessible to persons with disabilities, it will also make it better overall. Some of the features that make a site Accessible also boost SEO and mobile responsiveness.

A few examples:
Adding alternative descriptions to all your images, not only makes it Accessible for screen readers, it also provides text when someone’s browser, or your server, doesn’t load your stylesheet. The best alternative image text is that which supports your content. It can also boost your SEO.

Adding real-time captioning to your videos not only makes it Accessible for deaf persons to receive the message in your video, the captions help when a hearing person is sitting in a noisy environment, or in an area where they need to be quiet. When audio starts when your user automatically lands on your page it is intrusive and annoying. For Accessibility, your audio, whether an audio player or a video needs to have a control where the user can stop or start it. This also makes your site user friendly to all visitors.

Designing with the correct structure not only helps the screen reader announce the important parts on your page, it makes it easier for the sighted person who is skimming your website. Good structured content also boosts your SEO.

When a web designer understands and follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the end result is a website that is Perceivable, Operable, Understandable and Robust. Following all the technical guidelines can make your website Accessible, and your target market needs to be kept in consideration in order to have the best design.

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