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Based on experience, research and proven techniques Sumner delivers customized  presentations with appropriate humor and energy. She is described as "streetwise", charismatic and sincere.  She amuses, educates, inspires, delights and motivates in each customized presentation.  Her presentations also include personal stories of her own "failures" and successes.

A selection of her most requested presentations and topics include:

Social Media and the Small Law Office
Playing Successfully in the Internet Sand Box
Blogging or Boasting
Planning your Niche Marketing
Stress Out, Show stress who's the boss™
Success is the Best Revenge
Social Media Strategy
Productive List Building

Self investment not self improvement
Being a Hero
bouncing back from challenging experiences.
Outside the Nine Dots
From a Chicken to an Eagle
There Must be a Pony
Mindful Meditation Practice
It Works
Speak up for Children
Simple Keys
The Magic Story

Sumner has volunteered as a keynote speaker for selected non-profit events, and is hired to speak at other events, including networking, community, spiritual and business groups.

She also works with other professional speakers on joint presentations and provides referrals when the venue or schedule requires.

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She has been invited to return for several years to speak both at Calif Lutheran University, Creative Options Day; and as Facilitator Trainer for Conejo/Las Virgenes Future Foundation (CLVFF).




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