Trust Center

With Sumner Davenport & Assoc. your online and offline marketing is your asset and you own it. And it is yours to take with you if you decide to leave us.

The core tenets of our approach to earning and maintaining your trust are:

Your Exclusive Content

  • Your exclusive content is not used for anything other than the implementation, production, publishing and/or marketing of your products and services.
  • Your exclusive content is not shared with other clients’ projects
  • Your exclusive content is not sold to anyone
  • You can take your exclusive content with you when you want
  • We only use your exclusive content consistent with providing you services you pay us for.

Access to online accounts

  • Your domain account is yours. We are provided the log-in capabilities. If you bring your account to us from another internet service provider or webmaster, our first step is to change the password and provide you with that password. If you ever feel the need to leave us, simply change that password and your asset is still protected.
  • The number of people within our company that has access to your accounts, log in and passwords is limited to only those working on the project. You can limit the number of people working on your account.
  • We enforce “hard” passwords to increase security of your online sites.

Legal Compliance

  • Proactive measures to meet your compliance needs for your industry

Your Privacy

  • We limit the number of clients we accept in competitive industries, areas of practice and product lines
  • We do not share your confidential information with anyone
  • We study your competition for your best advantage
    • We work with trusted offline suppliers and service providers who assure of of the privacy of your exclusive and private information.
  • We proactively protect our exclusive content from competition. We cannot guarantee that someone will not plagiarize your exclusive content, however, we have measures in place to alert us is that is attempted and we take action on those alerts.
  • If we receive a court order for access to customer data, we will be forced to comply with that court order, unless you take the legal steps to block that court order and we then receive the notice that we do not need to comply with the initial order. We regularly back up your website and online marketing messages in the event you want the back up, and/or are ordered to provide this information.

Transparent operations

  • You know where your domains and websites reside and who has access
  • You are provided the passwords and log in access to all your social media accounts
  • You are provided the passwords and log in access to all your online marketing accounts, with exception of those that are controlled by our proprietary software
  • You are notified of any server, security or access problems as soon as we are aware of them.
  • You are notified when we have or are unable to resolve these issues.
  • We will you let us know if our servers, firewalls or data storage is compromised.

Support by a Human

  • We take immediate action on any communication that we receive that involves fixing a problem within the contract or agreement of providing you services you pay us for.
  • We take action during normal business hours (M-F, 9am-5pm) on any new requests.
  • We will you let us know if our servers, firewalls or data storage is compromised

Control vs No-Control

  • Many factors are outside of our control, ie: interruptions in service by weather, electrical outages, and some server problems.
  • We take action on situations within our control, ie:  site outages due to our involvement in updating, site outages due to lack of payment for services you agreed to pay us for
  • We are human and sometimes make mistakes. WE own up to our mistakes and make immediate repair whenever possible.
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