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Your website should be unique, representing your business brand and what you have to offer your visitors.

Every website developed by Sumner and her team is a unique design. Throughout the website creation and development process, they research their clients’ goals, their competition and the status of their industry in today’s marketplace. When developing a custom design, they present their work to focus groups and marketing forums for feedback. They then use these findings to support their designs to meet client goals.

Sumner and her team have been building sites for lawyers and law firms, non-profits and small businesses since 2000.

Sumner teaches other webmasters and has authored several articles. Because her passion is Web Accessibility, and each website is created with Accessibility natively baked in from the start, She has affectionately been nicknamed the “Accessibility Nag”.

Effective websites require than just a one time set-up or an occasional update. With the increase of hackers and other nefarious folks on the internet, staying on top of bug fixes, security updates and code changes are a necessity. A fluid website, one that updates the content or blogs, requires even more oversight. Sumner and her team manage WordPress website of all sizes and configurations. Each management package is customized to the website and the needs of the client.

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Focus Group Pet Peeves that are also Accessibility issues
Tiny Text.
Text too hard to read against the page background. Least favorite: gray text against white background,

Sound that launches automatically.
Whether it’s music, a greeter voice on the website, or the auto responder telling you to check your email.

Automatic Opt-in.
Finding themselves opted-in to receive additional information, usually an e-zine, after they responded to a free offer with no advance indication that they are being opted in.

Broken links.
They were looking for something and the link either didn’t work, or sent them to the wrong place.

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