internet1Effective websites require than just a one time set-up or an occasional update. Your web presence needs to stay current with Google Penguin Updatesearch algorithms, your clients needs, your niche market changes and your business goals. PANDA UPDATE, Google newly released algorithm, the emphasis is on ORIGINAL, FRESH, HELPFUL CONTENT.

As the internet continues to grow and the laws change to protect consumers, children and shoppers, it is imperative that your website stay compliant.

Sumner and her team have been working on and around websites since 1995. They continue to attend regular training courses sponsored by leaders in internet marketing, web hosting suppliers, internet developer forums and the internet search giant Google. They all share their knowledge and expertise with clients through online and physical events as well as providing training. Sumner and several of her team members teach other webmasters and have authored several articles.

The effectiveness of a website is only partially based on its design, but more importantly on how well the web designer understands the client’s industry as well as their needs, their marketing plan, their goals and their overall vision. Sumner works primarily within the legal industry, plaintiff lawyers, non-profit associations, speaker and the authors/book/publishing industry. Other team members have expertise and work with e-commerce, consumer products, real estate, service organizations, and other professionals.

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webdes6Every website developed by Sumner and her team is a unique design. Throughout the website creation and development process, they researches the industry, the clients’ competition, their goals and the status of their industry in today’s marketplace. When developing a clients’ internet marketing strategy, she presents her work to focus groups and marketing forums for feedback. She uses these findings to support her clients’ business and marketing plan and focus on their organic search presence. Many clients bring their existing and non-productive website needs to Sumner, and find her team approach and transparency very refreshing.

From the beginning of each project, clients are provided the log in and passwords for their internet accounts. Clients receive backup disks throughout the process anytime significant changes are made to their website. Sumner believes that working together with this level of trust is also a show of confidence in the service she and her team deliver to each client.

Understanding your website traffic requires more than merely counting your visitors. All clients’ websites are monitored with ongoing analytic programs so clients may have a better understanding of the visitors to their website. Making your site readable by semantic search engines should be an essential part of your SEO strategy.

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